Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Why, hello there strangers!

Nothing like a short break between posts, right?
I promise I'll do better this time!
Ok, well I'll TRY to do better anyway (but will probably become distracted at some point along the way...)!

Scarily enough, I saw a post floating around today, that stated Christmas is only 99 days away!
I'm normally quite good at buying things throughout the year to be put away for Christmas pressies.
My problem lies in the fact that I often forget what I've bought and come December, I've overdone the gifts for certain people, and have next to nothing for others!

Not this year! This year I'm determined to keep track of what I'm buying for who, in an effort to avoid overspending and more importantly, to avoid the terrifying last minute dash to the overcrowded/ sold out shops!
To help me (and you!) keep on top of things, I've created a pretty printable Christmas Gift List, where all of the important "who" "what" and "how much" details, can be recorded.

I remembered last week, that I’ve bought new ornaments this year (ok, I was reminded when a box of them fell out of the overstuffed cupboard and onto my head, but I digress…) in gorgeous vintagey/ pastel colours.

They inspired the colours for the printable, so I hope you like them!

Please feel free to share, but please remember to link back to my blog.

You can download your copy of the Christmas Gift List here (and the matching Christmas Card List here), by clicking on the links below.

(hint: these are print quality files and look fabulous on card stock, or thicker paper!)

xx Lauren

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