Friday, 27 September 2013

Printable laundry labels

Last weekend I decided to pretty up my laundry with some new labels

I'm hoping that the added prettiness serves two purposes:

Firstly, I hope it will encourage me to spend some more time in there. Folding washing is my kryptonite!

Secondly, my darling husband can not claim he can't identify what powder is in each of the jars, and therefore can't put the washing on!
Checkmate hubby, checkmate!

The set includes 9 labels, "wash", "soak", "dry", "treat", "clean", "stains", "pegs", "iron" and a blank label for you to fill in with whatever you'd like ("dog food" in my case).

You can download your own copy of our free laundry labels here:

If you'd like to order your own customised laundry labels, with the wording and colours of your choice, please feel free to contact me.


xx Lauren

These printables are free for personal use only and are not to be used for commercial purposes.
Please do not alter these labels and share them as your own.
These free printables are offered 'as is' and cannot be changed without incurring a personalisation fee.
They are © 2013 - Love a Rhino.
Please feel free to share these, but please link to the original post {this one} and not to the direct download file. 
Thank You.

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